We have taken hundreds of clients to experience this forbidding and rarely seen interior and, despite all the challenges, it remains an incredible privilege to be there.

White Desert understands and respects that Antarctica is a highly sensitive wilderness. As such, we operate in strict accordance with the environmental tourism guidelines laid out in the Antarctic Treaty. We also go further and operate our own zero impact policy.

To achieve this, all human waste is transported out of Antarctica on regular flights and disposed of responsibly in South Africa. A significant proportion of the camp is powered by renewable energy, using photovoltaic solar panels for electrical supply and solar water heaters for the shower system.

In addition to this, White Desert is an accredited CarbonNeutral® company and offsets all emissions through a portfolio of Carbon projects for our flights to Antarctica and the associated logistics once there.



Experience what before only scientists and some explorers have seen – in style.

White Desert is the only company in the world to fly into the interior of Antarctica in a private jet. This is the opportunity to experience the real interior of Antarctica in a single day, or extend your visit to five, or eight days. You can either buy a seat or charter an entire private jet. Your Antarctic adventure begins as you fly out from Cape Town across the mighty southern Ocean. The five hour journey transports guests from the African night, over thousands of icebergs and passes into 24hrs of continuous sunshine. Destination: Wolf’s Fang runway. The only blue ice runway for private jets. Make your enquiry today for a bucket list experience.

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